My introduction and first Blog

I would like to welcome you to my site and my first Blog; hopefully there will be many more to come.

At this point I’ll introduce myself by sharing a few thoughts that will perhaps give you pause. If you notice, my book, ebook and future audio book ( not listed yet but will most likely be available by the new year ) are all an even price. I feel that we as a society, have long passed the manipulative tactics of dropping the price by a few cents, so we think we’re paying a dollar less. I personally feel it’s important to view everyone as intelligent and able to make decisions based on accurate information. You never know, I may just start a new trend.

Every choice made regarding my book, has been made on a win win situation. I chose to self publish so the monies derived, can be used to not only refurbish the farm, but to support those who are handling the books as well.

Rita will mail the books from her home in Virginia and this will provide her with an income and keep funds moving through loving hands.

I first met Rita over the internet in 2005 when she was experiencing a difficult medical situation. The entire story will be in book

2 so you’re getting only a glimpse at this time. Rita worked tirelessly on her health and is doing well now. She is disabled and I wanted to give her an opportunity to be self employed.

I’ve researched many different ways of selling my book and most of the companies take massive profits for themselves, leaving a small amount for the one who spent their time writing and researching. I was advised by many to link up with specific companies, but decided that whomever will benefit from reading Isle Of Fire Room Of Love, will find the book without going to the big companies. The book was written to help seekers like myself and when we’re ready, the Universe guides us to the information we need.

The Official launch date of my book and website was to be Sept 20th, 2013. However, somehow a guy named Murphy sneaked into my life. You probably know this guy, he’s the one that put the law in stone, Murphy’s Law. Well, the official launch was changed to November 21st, 2013. I spent the first launch date until now, exiting Murphy from my life so everything could be pulled together. I think Murphy’s related to Mercury in retrograde!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their love and support, especially Q who has worked tirelessly pulling it all together; Janeen my

life coach, who talked to her students about my book and encouraged me with praise and support; Rita who has worried about the envelope size and all the details to help her end of things fly smoothly; my kids for their love and support and for providing me with ammunition for my book; and of course, all the wonderful WWOOFers ( Willing Workers On

Organic Farms ) who helped and challenged me. They helped me grow and learn to love and appreciate everyone, especially myself.

Between farm life and writing, I’m aiming to write a new blog once a month. Perhaps I will write more often, but for now. I’m already over committed.

I know my life will change because of this book, perhaps yours will as well and I look forward to growing with you. Together we will create a new reality, one based on love with everyone winning. A reality in which we share the wealth of the world and finally fully understand we are One!

Yours Truly,
Amandah Jensan